Why is Owner Information No Longer Available in Parcel Explorer?

You may have noticed that all owner information has been removed from Parcel Explorer. In order to comply with Daniel's Law, a statewide law which went into effect on 12/10/2021, parcel owner information is no longer available via Parcel Explorer on Blueprint maps. Daniel’s Law prohibits the disclosure of certain information about active, formerly active and retired law enforcement officials and their families.

The tax assessment information used and displayed on Parcel Explorer and Blueprint is sourced from data made publicly available by the New Jersey Office of GIS (OGIS). Due to the challenges inherent in accurately removing data related only to law enforcement officials, OGIS has redacted all owner names in order to ensure observance of the law.

On 12/6/2021 a bill to amend Daniel’s Law was introduced. If passed, we anticipate that data management challenges will be eased and hope to begin offering access to owner names again in the future.

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