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This publicly available, data-driven, interactive map provides people living and working in Camden with key information about open space and land use in the City, and how these play a role in community health. Camden Conservation Blueprint contains information related to health indicators, as well as detailed information about parks, how accessible they are for residents, and the condition of recreation amenities available.

Through collaboration with local advocacy groups, we heard that access to parks is key to giving residents opportunities to recreate and spend quality time together outdoors. We recognize that the need for parks and open space has become even more essential to community well-being during the coronavirus pandemic, and we are hopeful that the Camden Conservation Blueprint will bring Camden residents the information they need to take advantage of green spaces and recreation amenities available in the city.

Our vision is to provide residents as well as community groups, organizations and planners with the tools and information they need to work toward a healthy future for Camden. Camden Conservation Blueprint can be used to help prioritize projects, advocate for community improvements and expand programming in areas where it is most needed. With so many different community groups and coalitions working toward a brighter future for the City, it’s important that they have the information and data to best target their projects and programs for achieving optimal health outcomes.

Camden Conservation Blueprint could be used to;

  • Advocate for change to improve health outcomes for people living and working in Camden
  • Effectively prioritize, plan, and deliver needed programming for the community
  • Create increased access to green spaces and recreation opportunities
  • Create new parks for underserved residents
  • Advocate for increased funding and maintenance of parks
  • Maximize space for urban gardening and healthy food initiatives
  • Advocate for and implement programs and infrastructure that reduces flooding
  • Look for ways to reduce the urban heat effect (e.g. increasing the urban tree canopy)
  • And more...

Our Partners

Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey

Hispanic Family Center of Southern, NJ, Inc.

The Hispanic Family Center will use their Family Success centers to promote the Camden Conservation Blueprint tool to their clients so that they can easily find parks that best suit their needs.

New Jersey Tree Foundation

New Jersey Tree Foundation

The Tree Foundation will use the map to identify and assess areas for tree plantings, increasing the urban tree canopy.

Green and Healthy Camden

Trust for Public Land & Cooper's Ferry Partnership

Camden Conservation Blueprint is a part of Green + Healthy Camden, a consortium of organizations and publicly available mapping tools developed to support climate preparedness, equity and health, as well as park and open space planning in Camden.

Thank You

New Jersey Health Initiatives

The Camden module of Conservation Blueprint is generously funded by the New Jersey Health Initiatives (NJHI) – the statewide grantmaking program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). Thank You to the many organizations and members of the community who participated in our outreach and helped us build the Camden Conservation Blueprint. We hope this is a useful tool for all.

This project is a collaboration between the NJ Conservation Foundation, Rowan University, and The Nature Conservancy. It has grown out of Conservation Blueprint, a land conservation mapping tool, developed with the goal of accelerating the pace of land preservation in New Jersey.

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