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Urban Land Change

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New Jersey has long been the state with the highest population density in the nation, as well as having the highest percentage of its land area in urban land uses. New Jerseyâs population pressure stems from its geographic location, wedged between the nationâs largest and 6th largest cities, New York and Philadelphia. These factors have resulted in New Jersey maintaining its status as one of the most rapidly urbanizing states in the nation throughout the past several decades. Urbanization includes all developed land uses, including suburban and rural development.

This map depicts 21 years of urban growth in an animated progression with each period of growth color coded. The map allows you to see the magnitude of development that has occurred in only two decades totaling a massive 324,256 acres (507 square miles). The major growth hotspots can be seen by panning and zooming around the state. It is particularly interesting to click spots of growth in each color to view and compare the pattern of development in Bird's Eye that occurred for each time span. 1986 development (grey color) is clearly much more compact and thus efficiently utilizes land more than the most recent 2002 â 2007 development time span (red color).

Even while the population growth has slowed over the past decade, urban development has continued to increase pace and dispersion. By the year 2007, over 30% of the state's 5 million acre territory had become urbanized, surpassing any other land use type in total number of acres.