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Remaining Developable Land

New Jersey is a relatively small state (about 5 million acres) and it has the nationâs highest population density. As of 2007, the state had developed about 1.5 million acres (30%) of its land. Wetlands account for about 1 million acres. Water and stream corridor buffers, steep slopes and other sensitive lands are restricted from development. And the state has preserved nearly 1.5 million acres of land in open space and farmland preservation. What is left remaining is about 1 million acres. In a state with limited land supply and such intense growth pressures it becomes evident that land will at some point run out making New Jersey likely to be the first state to reach buildout.

In the remaining available lands maps, all of these lands mentioned above are combined into a black mask that covers everything that is already built, preserved open space, or land restricted from development. The empty spaces between the black areas is an estimate of the remaining available lands left in New Jersey. This area, (just less than 1 million acres) represents the remaining lands that will be either developed or preserved in the coming years.

The second overlay delineates the stateâs smart growth areas. It is a combination of the NJ State Plan growth planning areas (PA1 and PA2) and designated centers along with designated growth areas in the stateâs special resource areas: the Pinelands, Highlands and Meadowlands. Smart growth areas are shaded green and not smart growth areas are shaded red.

The map viewer can turn on and off the black Vulnerable Lands mask as well red and green Smart Growth layer to get an idea of where the remaining lands are located and whether or not they are in a smart growth designated area. Some of the areas that are still relatively rural but contain significant amounts of non-growth designated land vulnerable to future development include: the Delaware Bay Shore region of South Jersey, the Sourlands / Hunterdon area of North Central Jersey and the Ridge and Valley region in the Northwest.

It must be emphasized that this map is REPRESENTATIONAL ONLY. It is only an estimate of available remaining land using available data which may have inaccuracies. For example, wetlands are only photo interpreted and must be verified in the field. There are likely parcels in the restricted area that could be developed and likewise some parcels in the available areas that are not actually available for development. The user must understand the limitations of the data behind this map. The map is intended to be used only to provide an idea of the overall pattern of available remaining lands, not for site specific purposes. Any site specific evaluation must be conducted on a parcel by parcel basis by a qualified professional.